The Killers


The band that keeps their audience interested. I cannot recommend this band to enough people! They are definitely one of my favorites. Lead singer, Brandon Flowers, sings with such emotion and rawness that one could relate their sound to the Arctic Monkeys, however, the presence of new, interesting background noises gives them their unique sound. Dave Keuning is on guitar, Mark Stoermer on bass and Ronnie Vannucci, Jr. on percussion. All 4 members of the band bring such interesting aspects to each piece of music. I feel like I pick up a new favorite part of each song every time I listen.

My personal favorite album of the Killer’s second album Sam’s Town; Brandon Flowers called this album “one of the best albums of the past twenty years” (Wikipedia). The album won countless awards across the globe, and “When You Were Young” was nominated for two Grammys. My personal recommendations on this album are “Sam’s Town”, “For Reasons Unknown”, “Bones”, and “When We Were Young”.

The band, from Las Vegas, is said to have begun recording their fifth album in late 2015. Hopefully we will get our hands on some more of their delicious music! Can’t wait!


Hozier- “Someone New”

I cannot get enough of this song! Maybe it’s the smokey tones of Andrew Hozier-Byrnes’s fantastic voice? Or maybe the amazing bass part? I just can’t pinpoint it onto one thing. Anyways, I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer- be careful, the more fun you have the quicker it goes by. Be sure to listen to this amazing song!

Oh Honey- “Be Okay”

This song is adorable. It’s peppy, it’s lovable and every time I hear it I get super duper happy. But maybe that’s just summer; with it right around the corner, I can never get it off my mind! Hope everyone is excited for their breaks and the rising heat of a warm summer 🙂

Take a listen and tell me what you think!

MisterWives- “Our Own House”

This week has been pretty busy. As school comes to a close, all I can think about is summer and this song is PERFECT for that. “Our Own House” blends upbeat pop with brass instrumentation and a high intensity bass line. Just yesterday I was at Prom and all I wanted to hear was this song, the DJ played so many songs that were really difficult to dance to (and trust me, I know how to dance to pretty much everything). Anyways, check this song out if you get a chance and let me know how you like it!

Saint Motel

I’ve recently discovered one of Atlanta’s greatest radio stations, 107.1 FM. This alternative station keeps you upbeat and in the know before great songs hit the big charts. My new favorite song of theirs is “My Type” by Saint Motel.  It’s so full of energy and life, every time I hear it I immediately start dancing. As we approach summer, Saint Motel is definitely a band to watch. Their thrilling tunes are more than perfect for a toasty, thrilling summer.

This indie pop group of four (A/J Jackson, Aaron Sharp, Dak, and Greg Erwin) have been around since 2009 and continue to create more and more fun, inspiring music. Their first album, ForPlay, features more moody, electric tunes than their EP MyType but is definitely something to listen to. In their second big album, Voyeur, Saint Motel has begun to find their upbeat, pop sound. You can see that in between the two albums, the band has experienced some drastic changes in their sound and has begun to develop better lyrics. Their most recent release, the EP My Type, is by far their best album. It includes more upbeat, entrancing music than Saint Motel has made before and continues to show their growth in the world of music.

If you get the chance, definitely check out this fantastic band. I recommend Cold Cold Man, Puzzle Pieces (which is such a sweet song), Ace in the Hole, and Midnight Movies. Or go check out their website.

Smallpools- “Dreaming”

As the countdown for summer begins, I can’t think of anything but this song. It’s fun, it’s energetic, and it takes my mind off all the pressure. Sometimes I wish could just slip into a dream instead of this competitive society we’re living in. Everyone is always fighting about grades and trying their very hardest to be the top, be the best and take the lead, but that’s not what life should be all about. I recently started watching Grey’s Anatomy and have found almost everything Meredith Grey says to mean that we should live our lives to do the things we love. We don’t get another life and we should take in as much as we can in the little time that we have. Instead of spending time worrying about your B in History or your upcoming final exam, take some time to enjoy yourself. Their is absolutely no point in putting every little bit of yourself into something so meaningless. Yes school has a purpose and yes we should try to learn something, but there is no reason why we have to have so much work that we can’t even relax for a second. Please excuse my rant, I’m tired of all the busywork my teachers have been giving me lately. I can’t stand all this junk they give us to fill time. Anyways, relax yourself and take more than a few seconds to find yourself every day 🙂


John & Jacob

So I was roaming the internet after a long day…. when suddenly, out of the shadows, appeared John & Jacob! I’m pretty sure it was Facebook’s fault, but I can’t be too certain- I’ve been stuffed with pain killers today after a rough hike this morning. Anyway, I feel upon this magically adorable song and just can’t stop listening to it! Best friends since high school, lead singers John & Jacob kicked off their band in Nashville and have branched out all over the world. They’ve toured all over Europe and the U.S.A. and plan to do it all again soon. Given the chance, I would definitely go see them and their sweet, alternative music. If you have some time, take a listen and tell me what you think 🙂