The Killers


The band that keeps their audience interested. I cannot recommend this band to enough people! They are definitely one of my favorites. Lead singer, Brandon Flowers, sings with such emotion and rawness that one could relate their sound to the Arctic Monkeys, however, the presence of new, interesting background noises gives them their unique sound. Dave Keuning is on guitar, Mark Stoermer on bass and Ronnie Vannucci, Jr. on percussion. All 4 members of the band bring such interesting aspects to each piece of music. I feel like I pick up a new favorite part of each song every time I listen.

My personal favorite album of the Killer’s second album Sam’s Town; Brandon Flowers called this album “one of the best albums of the past twenty years” (Wikipedia). The album won countless awards across the globe, and “When You Were Young” was nominated for two Grammys. My personal recommendations on this album are “Sam’s Town”, “For Reasons Unknown”, “Bones”, and “When We Were Young”.

The band, from Las Vegas, is said to have begun recording their fifth album in late 2015. Hopefully we will get our hands on some more of their delicious music! Can’t wait!