We The Kings


I LOVE this band!!! I’ve only just been introduced to them by my awesome boyfriend but already I am in love with at least 5 of their songs. We The Kings is a great rock group. With Travis on lead vocals, Hunter on lead guitar, Charles on bass, Danny on drums, and Coley on keyboard We The Kings will rock your socks off! We the Kings is said to have became popular after their single “Check Yes, Juliet” which sold over 250,000 copies in the US in 2007. With their main stage spot on the Vans Warped Tour and their recent world tour with Simple Plan, We the Kings has been all over the world with their music. Their most popular latest release is the single “Just Keep Breathing“, which was said to be written about Travis being bullied as a kid, became very popular in the Uk; reaching top 101 Billboards only three days after first coming out. Shortly after the release of “Just Keep Breathing” We The Kings released “Find You There” and “Any Other Way“, they plan on releasing new singles every month but lately they have been busy with their Summerfest tour, which just ended September 1st so they will hopefully start following their plan or possibly just release a new album!!! With 3 officially produced albums and so many amazing songs it’ll be hard to choose some of their songs to put on my “Music” page this week!

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