Saint Motel

I’ve recently discovered one of Atlanta’s greatest radio stations, 107.1 FM. This alternative station keeps you upbeat and in the know before great songs hit the big charts. My new favorite song of theirs is “My Type” by Saint Motel.  It’s so full of energy and life, every time I hear it I immediately start dancing. As we approach summer, Saint Motel is definitely a band to watch. Their thrilling tunes are more than perfect for a toasty, thrilling summer.

This indie pop group of four (A/J Jackson, Aaron Sharp, Dak, and Greg Erwin) have been around since 2009 and continue to create more and more fun, inspiring music. Their first album, ForPlay, features more moody, electric tunes than their EP MyType but is definitely something to listen to. In their second big album, Voyeur, Saint Motel has begun to find their upbeat, pop sound. You can see that in between the two albums, the band has experienced some drastic changes in their sound and has begun to develop better lyrics. Their most recent release, the EP My Type, is by far their best album. It includes more upbeat, entrancing music than Saint Motel has made before and continues to show their growth in the world of music.

If you get the chance, definitely check out this fantastic band. I recommend Cold Cold Man, Puzzle Pieces (which is such a sweet song), Ace in the Hole, and Midnight Movies. Or go check out their website.


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