The Districts- “4th and Roebling”

Fair warning- this song is WEIRD. It’s kinda acousticish and I can’t understand what the singer is saying pretty much the entire time. But still, it’s GREAT. Another free song off iTunes, “4th and Roebling” is one to remember.

Driven by a chorus that seems to tell people that they shouldn’t change for anyone (which is totally just my interpretation), I really relate to this song. There is NO ONE out there who should make you change who you are (unless you really want to), you are you- no matter how people may feel about you, there is NO REASON to change who you are. As my favorite line from the Help goes, “You is beautiful, you is kind, you is important.” YOU ARE AMAZING JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. Today in yearbook class I was approached by a person who loves more than one gender. This person had just been talking to another very religious person in our class and felt that he/ she would not be accepted by God because he/ she is gay. Although some might not agree, you will always be loved by God and you will always be accepted by Him.

Sorry for rambling, it’s hard to get my words out about this song- it’s just so moving to me. Main point: you are AMAZING just the way you are (thank you Bruno Mars for putting that into a song).


Brooke Fraser- “Kings and Queens”

Hey bloggers! Been a long time since I last posted, I have been SUPER busy with yearbook and my really difficult US History class… no excuses though- I’ll try harder to blog more. SO iTunes has really been sweet this month, every time I log onto it, I find more free music! All of the songs they are giving away are good but I think this one really stands out. Especially to me. The past two months have been a little depressing for me… I broke up with my boyfriend of two years and am struggling as I aim to attend a private, super prestigious university (which means EXTREMELY HIGH test scores that I currently have almost no chance of achieving, I’m trying though). Anyways, as soon as I heard this song I felt something- I felt like smiling, like having a little fun and dancing around my room 🙂 Of course, being a Sunday morning the most fun thing I could do was go to a kickboxing class at my gym (which was ROCKIN). As the song puts it “We’ve got a long to go but we got the energy, It took a little while to find reality, We’ve come a long way you know, living inside a dream, Waking to find that we are kings and queens.” I am seriously in love with this song, it makes one feel AMAZING. If you have the time, listen in and tell me what you think 🙂

Wild Club- “Thunder Clatter”

I actually really enjoyed this song! Yes the video is very weird and somewhat inappropriate (I just listened to it without watching the video for the majority of its duration) but this song is really good! It has a cute upbeat vibe that really speaks to me- probably because I’m a high schooler. Anyways, take a listen 🙂 it’s great!

Are The Black Keys Are Turning Blue?

Yes they’re songs are extremely repetitive and they’re lyrics may be a bit tiresome but I really enjoyed their new album. Even though it contains similar beats to their older albums, the Black Keys’ new album “Turn Blue” is not something to complain about. They bright about cool, mellow vibes with new songs that are widely loved by their fans…. and especially ME. I cannot get enough of this album- I listen to it 24/7.  Every time I listen to it, it’s almost like I can hear Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney whispering to me- each jam session comes with a new favorite song and new feel for the album.

So let me tell you a little bit of backstory on the Black Keys and I- the love affair started my freshmen year in high school; I had a friend who absolutely loved the Black Keys and loved sharing them with every person he could shove an earbud into. I often rode the bus with him and he soon found out that I had a massive crush on music which lead to some great conversations about rock and pop and all things insanely awesome. He told me of the Black Keys (which I had briefly heard of before) and lent me his beloved “El Camino” album. Years went by and I end up here, telling you guys about the rockin Black Keys. If you haven’t heard of them before I urge you to pull up YouTube right now and listen to “Turn Blue”- I personally think it’s the best of their albums.

After years of producing cold, somewhat repetitive music the Black Keys have finally found themselves. “Turn Blue” brings on a whole new level to slick music that one couldn’t resist if they tried. No matter who you are, where you’ve been or what you’ve done- the Black Keys will find you some way or another. And so I continue the tradition- shove an earbud in, put your feet up and listen to “Turn Blue”.

Fall Out Boy

b185_fall-out-boy-band-music-950x712 Hey guys!! I’m so sorry I’ve been away for the past few weeks, I had tons of school work and the winter holidays create such a busy time for every body in general. This week I’m bringing to you the band behind what I think is the best album of the year. I liked them back in the old days before they went on hiatus in 2009 but now- WOOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! They’re GREAT! Everybody, I hope you already know them but if not; meet Fall Out Boy. I was so lucky as to get their newest CD “Save Rock and Roll” from my boyfriend this Christmas (that guy is QUITE the gift giver!!) which features great songs such as “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark“, “The Phoenix“, and my personal favorite “Just One Yesterday“. If you’re looking for a great album to get you up and moving this is definitely one to consider.  One thing they are doing with their latest album that I find quite interesting is they’re creating a story with their songs with music videos. My friend Lexi showed them to me and they certainly are something interesting to watch! There’s signs of cannibalism, human torture, and plenty of music that will most certainly get your heart racing! All of these videos are on YouTube and you can easily access the ones that have came out to this day on my Music page.  So now I’ll stop fangirling over the band and tell you all the interesting info about them. Fall Out Boy consists of four band members; Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Joe Trohman, and Andy Hurley. The band started out in Illinois in 20o1 and was formed for the most part by Wentz and Trohman. In 2005 the band became quite popular with their album “From Under the Cork Tree” and gained more and more popularity over the years. In 2009 the band hit some troublesome winds with people who attended their concerts during their Believers Never Die Tour booing them and they decided to break. During Fall Out Boy’s hiatus each of the band members experienced all sorts of events which lead them to trying to individually create new kinds of music and experiment with music in ways they had never thought of before.  After being separated for about 3 years the band members started to miss each other, as we all would have, and began to become in touch once again. They created a few songs here and there and eventually began creating their “Save Rock and Roll” album. Fall Out Boy certainly has been through a lot of criticism and hatred these past 5 years and now they’re back and ready to fight again. Be sure to check out their music and definitely listen to their newest album!



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