Smallpools- “Dreaming”

As the countdown for summer begins, I can’t think of anything but this song. It’s fun, it’s energetic, and it takes my mind off all the pressure. Sometimes I wish could just slip into a dream instead of this competitive society we’re living in. Everyone is always fighting about grades and trying their very hardest to be the top, be the best and take the lead, but that’s not what life should be all about. I recently started watching Grey’s Anatomy and have found almost everything Meredith Grey says to mean that we should live our lives to do the things we love. We don’t get another life and we should take in as much as we can in the little time that we have. Instead of spending time worrying about your B in History or your upcoming final exam, take some time to enjoy yourself. Their is absolutely no point in putting every little bit of yourself into something so meaningless. Yes school has a purpose and yes we should try to learn something, but there is no reason why we have to have so much work that we can’t even relax for a second. Please excuse my rant, I’m tired of all the busywork my teachers have been giving me lately. I can’t stand all this junk they give us to fill time. Anyways, relax yourself and take more than a few seconds to find yourself every day 🙂



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