Mumford & Sons

mumford-sons-4e1192eca8916They seem so new but their chords are so warm and familiar- it’s a revolution of soft acoustics and smooth whispers come back into fashion as Mumford & Sons take the world by storm. As Ben Lovett puts it, “We want to do something unashamed” (Mumford & Sons). You can clearly see that by listening to them; they give you something to listen for not look at (although they are VERY attractive in their adorable late 19th century outfits). Their music seems almost a mix of folk and alternative, it’s almost as if they are their own genre of music. Ever since their first album (released July 7, 2008 which took only 3 months to produce) the band has been touring and becoming one of the greatest bands to reach the ears of almost every American. Earning 11 various awards for their amazing albums (Mumford & Sons, Love Your Ground, The Cave, Little Lion Man, Sign No More, I Will Wait, and Babel). Mumford & Sons is made up of 4 main members- Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall, and Ted Dwane. It’s rare that you find a band who’s name actually features one of their members’ name these days. But to get to the point- their music is AMAZING!! So listen up and be sure to check out my Music page and hear some of their award-winning hits!

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