Christina Grimmie Cover- “Stay”

One of my best friends Lexi recently introduced me to this amazing singer- Christina Grimmie! She is FABULOUS and has such a smooth, jazzy tone to her voice- it’s gorgeous! So far this cover by her is my favorite, hope you like it 🙂


Mumford & Sons

mumford-sons-4e1192eca8916They seem so new but their chords are so warm and familiar- it’s a revolution of soft acoustics and smooth whispers come back into fashion as Mumford & Sons take the world by storm. As Ben Lovett puts it, “We want to do something unashamed” (Mumford & Sons). You can clearly see that by listening to them; they give you something to listen for not look at (although they are VERY attractive in their adorable late 19th century outfits). Their music seems almost a mix of folk and alternative, it’s almost as if they are their own genre of music. Ever since their first album (released July 7, 2008 which took only 3 months to produce) the band has been touring and becoming one of the greatest bands to reach the ears of almost every American. Earning 11 various awards for their amazing albums (Mumford & Sons, Love Your Ground, The Cave, Little Lion Man, Sign No More, I Will Wait, and Babel). Mumford & Sons is made up of 4 main members- Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall, and Ted Dwane. It’s rare that you find a band who’s name actually features one of their members’ name these days. But to get to the point- their music is AMAZING!! So listen up and be sure to check out my Music page and hear some of their award-winning hits!

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We The Kings


I LOVE this band!!! I’ve only just been introduced to them by my awesome boyfriend but already I am in love with at least 5 of their songs. We The Kings is a great rock group. With Travis on lead vocals, Hunter on lead guitar, Charles on bass, Danny on drums, and Coley on keyboard We The Kings will rock your socks off! We the Kings is said to have became popular after their single “Check Yes, Juliet” which sold over 250,000 copies in the US in 2007. With their main stage spot on the Vans Warped Tour and their recent world tour with Simple Plan, We the Kings has been all over the world with their music. Their most popular latest release is the single “Just Keep Breathing“, which was said to be written about Travis being bullied as a kid, became very popular in the Uk; reaching top 101 Billboards only three days after first coming out. Shortly after the release of “Just Keep Breathing” We The Kings released “Find You There” and “Any Other Way“, they plan on releasing new singles every month but lately they have been busy with their Summerfest tour, which just ended September 1st so they will hopefully start following their plan or possibly just release a new album!!! With 3 officially produced albums and so many amazing songs it’ll be hard to choose some of their songs to put on my “Music” page this week!

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Imagine Dragons


Imagine Dragons, they’re literally everywhere these days. All over itunes, currently touring, who doesn’t know their name with all this attention they’re getting? Well first of there are four major members; lead vocalist Dan Reynolds, guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben McKee, and drummer Daniel Platzman. After playing at plenty of casinos the band finally got attention with their song “It’s Time”, being featured in “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”, “Glee”, and  “Gossip Girl” this song is quite popular! That definitely does not define Imagine Dragons as a “one hit wonder”, they have plenty of other amazing songs that anyone could jam out to. (Be sure to check out my “Music” page for more of their amazing songs.)  If you don’t believe me just know that all but one member of Imagine Dragons attended Berklee College of Music which automatically means they are real musicians- not just some pop band that’s going to fade away and never come back. They’re something to listen for, something to talk about, and something to live your life loving. They’re Imagine Dragons and trust me, you can’t imagine anything better.

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Ellie Goulding


Ever since this summer Uk’s Ellie Goulding has been blossoming all over the internet; receiving top 100 awards for her songs on iTunes, wining Pandora’s Newcomer of the year award and wining awards at the BRIT Awards in 2010. Singing in Bukingham Palace after the Royal Wedding, Goulding has become one of today’s top artists. How does she come up with all these amazing, popular songs? “Ellie’s approach to writing and recording is, she admits, borderline obsessive.” says Goulding’s biography. All over Instagram Goulding posts about her spectacular superstar life and makes it look like so much fun but is it really? Speaking about her newest album, Goulding says, “Loneliness has been the biggest influence on this record; I feel like what I do is lonely.” Hearing Goulding’s music you could never tell that she felt lonely when writing Halcyon, it’s so full of life and upbeat dance music! Already Goulding has hit number one on iTunes in multiple countries with songs from her newest album. With her great new album on the rise of popularity, Goulding has a large tour booked and begun to set her tickets on sale- I’m 100% positive they’ll sell within the first 3 minutes of being online. Goulding has set the world on fire with her explosive songs, if you haven’t ever heard them before you better listen up- she is GREAT!

Be sure to listen to some fabulous Ellie Goulding songs on my “Music” page!!