YouTube Sensations- Evan Duffy and Lindsey Stirling



When you think of musicians do you ever think to incorporate those YouTube masterminds? Well one of LA’s many composers, Evan Duffy, is one of those geniuses that doesn’t get that much get credit. His music is absolutely beautiful and he comes up with it all by himself! Using video games and movies as his inspiration, Even Duffy arranges piano music that is stunning. If you ever want to hear some super cool and trendy tunes, just go check out his YouTube channel- you won’t get bored.
Another spectacular YouTube composer is Lindsey Stirling. She “plays the violin, dances, writes music, edits videos, plays dress up, and performs” (Stirling 1). Lindsey is also a motivational speaker when she’s not doing all her other fabulous hobbies. Although Lindsey was voted off of America’s Got Talent, she still stands strong after producing her first album including 12 of her own, beautiful songs.
No matter where these awesome artists are from, their super cool electronic vibe can be felt through their intricate productions. If you have time, be sure to check them out and find yourself some new beats. With a huge variety of video game music, anyone could rock out- no matter whether you like hip-hop, rap, pop, or country.

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Awolnation- “Sail”

To match my Awolnation entry, here’s “Sail”. This song has appeared recently in the top charts on iTunes and on the radio. It has such a cool beat, if you haven’t heard it before- listen!! It’s AMAZING!



Awolnation is a band that’s hard to find; with music that’s a blend of rock, pop, and punk, they have a large variety of fans. Awolnation consists of 6 band members; Aaron Bruno on vocals, Drew Stewart as lead guitarist, David Amezuca on bass guitar, Kenny Carkeet on guitar, Christopher Thorn as lead guitarist, and Hayden Scott on drums. Before even creating Awolnation, Aaron Bruno was a member of the band “the Giants” which is said to have failed, leaving Bruno to come to be in the amazing Awolnation. Bruno began to improve on his music writing and created “Sail”, a pop song that was recently on the top charts on iTunes. From there on out, Awolnation created their first record and sold thousands of hearts on their music. When Bruno speaks of his inspiration to Interview Magazine he says, ” I never try and force-feed any song idea or lyrical message. It’s really what’s on my mind and what comes out of me. And a lot of these lyrics are metaphors for specific life situations that I’ve been through, and in most cases, the struggles. Something about human beings wearing sadness heavily on their sleeve inspires me to make something uplifting about the situation. ” (Duberman 1) What an interesting turn on how music is written. Awolnation’s music really does seem to make a connection to me when I listen to it, what about you?

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