Grouplove. The band who has it all. With Christian Zucconi on vocals and guitars, Hannah Hooper on vocals and keyboard, Andrew Wessen on vocals and guitar, Ryan Rabin on drums, and Sean Gadd bass and vocals there is no way this band could get any better. Meeting in Greece and coming from completely different backgrounds, the band started by the spreading of music between the quartet. Gaining popularity fast after their official creation of the band, Grouplove began touring all over the place and creating new albums. Speaking of new albums…. Grouplove’s newest album “Spreading Rumors” just recently came out!!!!!!! I can’t wait to go to the store and get my hard copy, it’s going to be great! But back to Grouplove’s story of amazingness- Grouplove can frequently be found support a hippie-like sense of style, playing at music festivals (which they love), and just hanging out with each other. All the members of the band have grown to love one another like siblings and plan on being together for a while. On another note, Grouplove has become very very very popular on a major scale- their fabulous song “Tongue Tied” “reached Number One on Billboard’s Alternative List”, according to Out of Order magazine (Copeland 1).  Anyway, at the end of every day you should listen to Grouplove to just chill and take a breath for a second; it’s comforting.

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DHS Marching Band- Everybody Talks

This is my marching band!!! Love love love marching band, with all my heart!! If you’re not in it- you should totally try to participate regardless of how old you are or what instrument you can play, there’s always a spot for you!



Oh my, Journey is amazing! In dedication to my mom (for her birthday), let’s take a Journey (haha so punny).It seems I can’t go by a week without singing at these one of their songs, they’re just so catchy! Since back in 1973, the band has changed slightly but was originally made up by Herbie Herbert along with the help of Neal Schon. Soon after, George Tickner and Prairie Prince joined to make up an all-instrumental quartet group, which they called Journey. After about half a year, Gregg Rolie joined the band. A little while later, Prince left which lead to the joining of Aynsley Dunbar to take over the drummer position. Later that year Herbert left to attend medical school. The first vocalist in Journey was Robert Fleischman but after a few years he was replaced by Steve Perry. After more changes and many years, Journey consists of Neal Schon on all guitars and backing vocals, Jonathan Cain on keyboards and backing vocals, Ross Valory on bass and backing vocals, Deen Castronovo on drums, percussion, and backing vocals, and Arnel Pineda on lead vocals. As one of the most popular American rock bands, Journey has earned 19 Top 40 singles and 25 Gold and Platinum Albums. Today Journey’s single “Don’t Stop Believin'” is the top-selling digital catalog song in history after 30 years of its first recording. Trying to continue the path of their predecessors, Journey still writes new albums, sings old songs, and performs concerts all around the world. As they say on their website, “Multiple generations are welcoming this legendary band in 2011, as Journey continues to bring their signature sound of classic hits and new favorites across the country and around the world. The band is firing on all cylinders and making sure their fans will never stop believin’.”

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Passion Pit


Do you love alternative music? Or bright pop-y hits? Well then Passion Pit is perfect for you. As for members of this awesome band, there’s Michael Angelakos as the lead singer and keyboard, Ian Hultquist on keyboard and guitar, Xander Singh on synthesizers and samplers, Jeff Apruzzese on bass, and Nathan Donmoyer on drums. Touring all over the United States and even around the world such as in Australia, Passion Pit is gaining popularity with every new amazing song and epic album. I had only first heard of them on Pandora about 6 months ago but now I don’t think I could have gone long without them. Listening to Passion Pit just gives me energy and makes me feel alive- it’s a perfect way to start your day. When telling about his new album and the songs in it, Angelakos says that “There was so much of everything. There was nothing in moderation. There’s so much music. There’s so much going on in every song. There’s so much pain.” Although Michael Angelakos suffers from bipolar disorder and has visited a mental hospital many times, I still find him one of the genius composers of this century. He is open and honest with everyone around them and has no sensor, that’s the way we should all live our lives- open and free spirited. Passion Pit would not be as lively as it is without all these influences Angelakos has experienced. Happiness is brought on by all sorts of things, just let it lead you to a good place in the end.


The Beatles


The Beatles. You’ve probably heard of them before, they’re those four teenage boys that brought real rock into our world. This awesome band first came to life in 1957 with it’s leaders; John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Star. From Liverpool, U.K. to the U.S., the Beatles grew to be hugely popular and their music could be heard in every one of the coolest clubs. Beatles Tours were everywhere, they were the first band to play at a baseball game, and even received medals from the Queen of England herself- the Beatles were awesome. They completed a total of 13 albums ending with their ever so famous, “Abbey Road” and the band’s formal break-up December 29, 1974. Somewhere in the 1970s, Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, and Star all released solo albums which included some of the other old band members but the Beatles were never reunited again. About 10 years later, John Lennon was murdered which denied all hope of the band reuniting. Today Paul McCartney and Ringo Star are still with us (George Harrison died from lung cancer in 2001) and they continue to live on as the amazing Beatles the stole the hearts and ears of everyone all around the world. With movies, digital albums, and even a Beatles exhibit, the Beatles still live on.