Maroon 5

Maroon-5-at-the-Red-Bull-Sound-SpaceMaroon 5 the masterminds behind music that will blow you away whether watching their music video or just listening to one of their intricate songs. With Adam Levine as lead singer, James Valentine as lead guitar, Matt Flynn on drums, Jesse Carmichael on Keyboard, and Mickey Madden on bass guitar there’s nothing you could want more. Ever since middle school Levine and Carmichael have been playing together, with Carmichael originally on guitar. In 1985 the group started with the exception of one member, they were first called “Kara’s Flowers” but changed their name to Maroon 5 in 2002 with the addition of Valentine. Valentine having gone to school with John Mayor, got the band in as an opening act on Mayor’s tour in 2003 and they began their hunt for fame. Kicking off with their first album Songs about Jane Maroon 5 quickly spread in popularity unlike their earlier band from their high school years. Following up with It won’t Be Soon Before Long, Hands All Over, and Overexposed the band has been in 8 tours, received three Grammy’s, two American Music Awards, and three Billboard Music Awards. They continue to blow me away with their absolutely amazing music which you should totally check out on my Music page.



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My oh my, I have been waiting so long to show you this band- it’s my favorite EVER! BALLYHOO!!!!!!! Founded in July 1995,  their group is made up of Howi Spangler on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Scott Vandrey on Keyboards, Programming, and Vocal Harmonies, Donald Spangler on Drums, and  J.R. Gregory – Bass. Go Pro Mountain Games calls them, “A rock band with punk energy and pop reggae grooves” which is a perfect definition of what they do. Ballyhoo! produced their first album by themselves but later found themselves producing with LAW Records and continued to use that with their most recent album Pineapple GrenadeSpreading in popularity from their home in Maryland, Ballyhoo! has participated in Vans’ Warped Tour 2012, played 166 shows in 2012, and sold over 200,000 digital tracks. Regardless of what type of music you like, you should definitely listen to Ballyhoo! From reggae beats to great lyrics that gets you going, they have so many points of interest. Be sure to listen to some of their song on my Music page and tell me how you like them!

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The Royalty

891412740-1They’ve got attitude, they’ve got style, they’re the Royalty. No I didn’t spell that wrong either; trust me- this band is wayyyy better than the song Royals by Lorde. With Nicole Boudreau on vocals,  Jesus Apodaca on guitar, Mike Hernandez  on bass, Daniel Marin Jr on keyboard, and Joel Quintana on Drums they’re unstoppable. Boudreau’s voice is just so…. classy! and fabulous and smooth and amazing! I’m totally jealous- as you can probably tell. Since 2005, the Royalty has been gaining followers and gaining confidence as they try new styles of music and continue with their amazing new albums which they just so happen to “press by hand” as their Bibliography says. Man, they are just so amazing. Just listen one time for a whole song and you’ll be in love. I stumbled upon them by the Band of the Day app last year and am so happy to have found them. With music for every moment, you’ll never be lost listening to their soothing yet sassy sounds. What first caught my ear when I was listening to them was the way they made me start taping my foot- you know your in love when you start dancing 😉 Don’t forget to breathe, smile, and listen to those musics whenever possible!!


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