Walk The Moon

Walk-The-MoonNo they’re not Astronauts, they’re Walk The Moon– which ten times better, trust me on this!  From Cincinnati, Ohio Walk The Moon has made it a long way in only 5 short years. Their band, which was originally created by main signer Nicolas Petricca, started the band in 2008 but shortly after made some big changes in the band’s line up. Finally in 2010 the current members (Kevin Ray, Sean Waugaman, and Eli Maiman) found Petricca and they have stuck together ever since. Naming the band after “Walking on the Moon” by the Police, the band created their first album i want! i want! and have been improving ever since. Walk The Moon‘s first hit song, “Anna Sun”, has been featured in an American Eagle Outfitters commercial and was named one of the “30 Summer Songs Every Man Should Listen to” by Esquire Magazine. Playing at Music Midtown in Atlanta and going on tour with Grouplove (which I have featured in a past post), Walk The Moon is gaining popularity every day with their amazing, peppy songs that always seem to brighten my day. Be sure to check out my music page if you’d like to hear more from them! Happy Holidays!!!


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